PlayAndProtein is for people who enjoy video games and are also crazy about fitness. Is it possible to be interested in both? Of course it is. That is why this site was created. My name is Osas, yes that is my real name. A bit different from more common names, but different is sick bro. Different is what makes all of us special you feel me? Haha. Anyway, I am a 22 year old millennial, just living the life, having fun, staying healthy. I plan to bring different opinions, personal stories and news related to fitness and gaming to you! I hope we can both find entertainment in this content and learn from it as well. I’m learning new things each day about myself and the world around me and that is what this blog is primarily about. Discovering, experiencing, and learning new things about yourself and the world of fitness and video games. So you like one topic over the other? Not to worry, I will constantly post about both, and if you keep an open mind, you may just find yourself starting to like the other. I hope you can learn more about me and I can learn more about you guys as we grow together. LETS DO THIS!