Addicted To Clash Royale

I never in my life thought I would get hooked on a mobile game. A MOBILE game. I tried to pretend like everything was okay. Never have ! had an addiction before, but I must be honest with myself. I am addicted to clash Royale. Ever since I downloaded this game from the app store sometime in March or April 2016, I have not put it down.

So what is clash royale? Clash royale is a player vs player tower defense game. For people not familiar with what that is, its basically you have all types of soldiers, your opponents has all types of soldiers, and you try to get those soldiers to destroy your opponents tower on the opposite side. But in clash royale, these soldiers are not JUST soldiers. They are dragons, knights, musketeers, fire balls, rockets, giants and many more. There are currently 70 different cards in the game, and you can make an army of 8 for battle. So as you can probably guess, there is tons of ways to mix and match different cards to meet your play style.

I have never played a game in my life I played for 1 year straight. Even brand new triple A titles or console games don’t even last half a year. And you pay for those games. $80 for a game you will probably play for 2-3 months max, compared to a mobile game you got for free and you play it for a year and counting. It totally blows my mind, and I am wondering why I like this game so much. I literally play the game just about everyday when I’m doing just about anything. Watching T.V – playing clash royale. Eating – Playing clash royale. Doing a number 2 – playing clash royale. Sleeping – dreaming of playing clash royale. Its so bad but I truly am addicted to clash royale.


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    1. Yeah buddy. And it really blows my mind that I cannot go one day without playing this game! I need to relax a bit :p Thanks for leaving your thoughts Haskell

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