Horizon Zero Dawn(PS4 Exclusive) – Game Of The Year 2017 Contender?

As you may or may not know, Horizon Zero¬†Dawn comes out tomorrow, and like many other gamers out there, I will probably get no sleep tonight. It’s not because I am going to pick up a copy at midnight release, because I’m not. I don’t have enough money for gas. I will not be able to sleep because I’m going to be up all night thinking about the game! Many review companies and sites have gotten a review copy to play and they are giving it outstanding ratings. For example, IGN gave the game a 9/10. Click here to watch the IGN review. Gamespot, another well known review site gave the game a 9/10. Click here to watch the gamespot review. This is why I am glad I have a PS4. Sony exclusives have always been amazing compared to the other guys. I mean, do you guys remember the last of us? The greatest game of 2013, and another Sony exclusive. Now, I don’t know much detail about the game as I am not a reviewer and I don’t get any early copies, but I do keep an eye on the news.

Zero Horizon Dawn is an action role playing game. It revolves around a female protagonist named Aloy, a young woman who had been kept sheltered by the outside world of dinosaur robots. Yes, DINOSAUR ROBOTS PEOPLE! Now that she is older, she sets out to ¬†discover the dangers that kept her sheltered. So basically, this chick is BAD! When I say BAD, I mean she is totally cool. A young woman wielding a futuristic bow and arrow, hunting robots, and kicking butt? What more could a boy living in his parents basement ask for? Okay, I’m kidding there. I have a job, and I’m a full grown man who really loves video games! Are you guys excited for Horizon zero Dawn? Will you be going to the midnight release? And what are you most excited to do in this amazing PS4 exclusive? Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Gaming Everyone!

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