My Current Number 1 Protein


Hey Guys, just a quick post on my favorite protein powder. Look, when you drink a protein shake, if it taste like you’re drinking a protein shake, it probably taste disgusting. With leanfit protein however, it actually does not taste like you are drinking protein, but rather a a milkshake with less sugar. I usually mix it up with water because I don’t take milk with me to the gym, and I hope none of you do either…but even with just water, you get a really sweet taste, and also, it is easily mixed. Some other proteins don’t mix so well and you actually get an arm workout trying to mix it. Leanfit protein also comes in other flavors like Vanilla and Strawberry, but Chocolate is definitely my favorite. Try having yourself some LeanFit Today

2 thoughts on “My Current Number 1 Protein”

  1. I tried a lot of protein powder stuff, which you have to mix with water. They were all disgusting, lol. I prefer taking water to the gym. That’s also better when I spill something, nobody will see it if I spill water, but everyone will see it when I spill a protein shake :’)

    1. Haha. You have a really good point there. And if you spill water, you can pretend like you’re doing sit ups and dry it up with your shirt. People will most likely think you had a hard workout, but you cant do that with protein 😛

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