Tech fitness – Does It Really Work?

Nowadays, there seems to be a craze about technology and fitness. People seem to think there is a correlation between advancements in technology and fitness. So the question is: Tech fitness – Does it work?

In my opinion, technology is great. It has made life very simple in many ways. With technology, we can get food without leaving our house, get clothes without leaving our house, read tons of books on one device. Although all those things are great, what about technology and fitness?

The things previously mentioned were for ease of access. Technology makes it easier to access those things. When it comes to transforming your body to the way you want it, what does technology really do for you? Are you going to put on some device around your wrist and expect to look like Mike Chang? Or maybe you purchase some fitness tracker and you expect to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger – in his prime anyway. Speaking of Arnold, the dude still got it. There are videos of his workout routines on youtube and boy, you would be surprised.

So what I am trying to say here is tech fitness may be making people more lazier or confused than the past. Back in the day, there were no devices needed. You went to the gym, did your workouts, ate good food, and repeat. You would track yourself based on the changes you saw on your body and a weight scale. People nowadays are relying on some device to let them know if they are doing well or not. I must admit, the technology does have its use. Some will give you a breakdown of which body parts you have worked on during the week. Others will track how much cardio you have done so you can tweak your routine. The point is the technology will always work. People who created them make sure they work. But you as an individual, will you always work? Are you ready to put in the time and the effort in order to achieve your goal? The device can’t do that for you. You can tell the device what you want to accomplish, but its you who is in control.

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