When Pre ordered Games Get Delivered Late

Why Amazon?

I love Amazon, I really do. Sometimes they have great discounts and they ship really quick. You get your item, and you’re a happy camper. There’s always a but though, so here it is. BUT! When pre ordered games get delivered late, I get cheesed. I’m not even talking kraft single slices, but real feta cheesed! Heres the thing though, I didn’t pre order this game a couple days before, or a couple weeks before, not even a couple months before it came out. I pre ordered this game a year and a half before it got released.

How Could You Do This To Me?

So if you pre ordered a game a year and a half in advance, you would expect it to be at your front door day one or at least day two. In my case, nope! And this was a game I was really excited to play and upload to my youtube channel. If you haven’t check out my youtube channel, click here. Its on the come up 🙂 The game I am talking about is Horizon Zero Dawn. Yes, a game I have been itching to play ever since I saw it in E3 2015.

Amazon, I love you to death, but please. A brother’s heart is aching. Sadly, it is not the first time it has happened either. Amazon was never like this, but I notice for the past 2 to 3 years now, anytime the release date is here for a preored game, it always ends up being late. It’s understandable if you pre ordered the game right before its release date, but if you pre ordered it a year ago, bruh.

I Still Love You Though

Now I know some people are thinking, you’re just lazy! Why don’t you run down or drive down to the store and pick it up yourself? Or why don’t you pre order it at a store like eb game? It’s because I am a smart shopper. I pre order all my games on Amazon for the upcoming year during e3 because during e3, Amazon has a special discount where you get 40% off if you order 3 or more games. With that being said, I save so much money, but now I’m here twiddling my thumbs with no games. This game better get here by Monday!


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